5 March

Concerted effort

If you have a family of extraverts who love to tread the boards, you could put on a concert to entertain yourselves on Christmas afternoon (but don’t even consider this if you’re all torturously shy.)

The traditional options are:

  • Musical pieces (Christmas fits nicely with end of year performances so, if any of your number are learning instruments, they’ll probably have a number ready to go for you on the 25th.)
  • Sketches (There are many classics, you can write your own and I’ll give you a few of mine later on)
  • Displays of any amusing talents in your crowd (Gymnastics, juggling, underwater crocheting)[1]
  • Reading Christmas texts (I’m thinking Seuss’ Grinch here but go for the gospel according to Luke if that that’s the cut of your jib.)

This does need to be planned in advance, so why not talk about it now to see if you’re likely to get a few acts together?


05 mar 2016.jpg
When the trombone solo is “Do You Hear What I Hear?”, the answer is “Yes”.

I’m reluctant to paint the walls before the carpenter comes but surely it’s safe to finish the roof now that the dining room is weather-tight again, so I dusted off my roller and did the final coat of ceiling white.[2] Now if I keep my eyes focussed firmly upwards, I can at last see actual progress!

[1] My daughter Hannah actually did this one year as part of an in-joke with her cousins but it didn’t work very well and it wasn’t much of a spectator sport.

[2] Why is it that there are twenty different shades of white for walls but only one for ceilings? (Not that ceilings have to be white: my nephew Ben was given free range to redecorate his bedroom when he was fifteen and he painted everything “midnight ebony”. This only lasted six months and I believe it’s because not even a gloomy teenager can feel comfortable in a pitch black room but he said it was because he was sick of his parents’ friends singing, “I see a white room and I want to paint it black” whenever they saw him. (His re-redecoration was a sky blue ceiling with air-brushed white clouds and a galaxy of phosphorescent star stickers and it’s all still there even though he moved out two years ago: Wendy says she likes it and Don says he doesn’t, but he’d rather have the clouds than the task of scraping all the stickers off before he can do that first coat of ceiling white.))

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