3 March

Blueprint for blue baubles

You’ve made notes about how you decorated last year and you’ve thought about your cost constraints (both financial and environmental) and now it’s time to consider the big (bespangled) picture. How do you want your whole house decorated for the coming Christmas?:

  • Do you want a few classy and classic pieces in key locations (wreath on the door, nativity scene in the hall, tree in the lounge and leave it at that)[1] or a Yuletide cornucopia spilling across every surface (tinsel draped from the picture rails, reindeer in the corners and Santas of every size and shape) or something in between?
  • Do you want a restrained colour scheme throughout (carved wood with a little gold), a smorgasbord (silver in the dining room, scarlet on the veranda and purple in the den) or tutti fruiti?
  • Do you want a coherent theme (snowflakes or stars) or will you give it everything you’ve got?[2]

This will give you a picture of your ideal, so now look at what you have to work with already, take your constraints into account and make an actual plan. (Graph paper is good!)


03 mar 2016.jpg
Non-standard decorations: enough of anything looks like you planned it.

Gertruda asked Emma to choose some jewellery for her baby.

“The baby won’t even be born for another two months!” I objected when Wendy when told me. “By the time it’s old enough for gems, the young folk will probably be wearing them on parts of the body we don’t even have names for yet!”

“If it weren’t for the work she’s doing on her bequests,” Wendy said, “I’d have said that Gertruda easily had another twenty years in her and would be around to sort out nipple rings and knee piercings herself.”

Gertruda has some seriously big jewels:[3] I can’t see how you could comfortably wear them on your knees.

[1] My friend Jill once simply hung a little silver angel from every doorway (from which you can deduce that she’s shorter than average – it didn’t work as well for her tall friends) which looked stylish. She also drew life-sized angels on her fridge, bathroom tiles and splashbacks but, unfortunately, the one she drew in chalk on the patio made the whole house look like a divine murder scene.

[2] One of the things that I like about Christmas is that quiet, good taste is optional.

[3] I assumed they were fake the first few times that I met her. So if she was trying to impress me, it had the opposite effect.

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