2 March

All tied up

Before sticky tape was invented, people tied parcels with string and, if you want to be super-green and use no tape at all, you can do the same with presents:

  • Remember the short strands of tinsel you saved when you put away the decorations? If the tinsel is strong enough, you can wrap those round gifts.[1]
  • Save ribbon and string that you come across during the year.
  • You can make your own string from all kinds of natural fibres but I have never tried this myself.[2]

If you don’t want to be that green but you do want to be cheap, buy a length of organza or sequin-spangled net and cut it into strips to use as ribbons. It looks great and turns brown paper into something special, and a metre will only set you back $10 which should be enough for all your presents.[3]


02 mar 2016.jpg

The glazier came today and did a commendable job of replacing the broken pane in the dining room, and then he asked me if I knew that carpenter ants had been making merry in the window sill. I didn’t and now I guess I need a carpenter of the human variety to fix what the carpenters of the insect variety have wrought. (I am beginning to wish that I’d looked at the fresher, cleaner walls I saw after I’d sugar soaped them and thought “Yes, this is good enough! Even with the colour swatches!”)

[1] Although tying a perfect reef knot may be tricky.

[2] But maybe I should because it would be a good skill to have if one were marooned on a tropical island.

[3] I am assuming typical volumes of presents here. The year my niece Emma was born, Wendy and Don were still driving the jalopy they’d had in their student days and Gertruda bought them a reliable, safe car for Christmas, and tying that with strips of organza would have cost more than a week’s worth of petrol.

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