1 March

Picture it

Reflect on the interesting things that happened in February and make a few notes for your end-of-year letter. (Add them to the notes you made about January.)

Also comb through photos you took in February and see if there’s one (yes, one will be enough) that might be of general interest.[1]


01 mar 2016.jpg
Went to the beach. So did everyone else.

The plasterer who came today was absolutely charming and apologised for keeping me waiting three weeks (which means that I’ve missed my summer target for getting the painting finished but I guess it doesn’t really matter) but the charm wore thin when he broke the dining room window with his ladder.

He will send a glazier around pronto and he boarded the window up himself before he left. (This will keep the possums out but I’m not convinced that possums would be more trouble than plasterers.)

[1] My sister Wendy snapchatted me a video of her son Jack today: he was lying upside down on the couch, bouncing balls against the wall and he said he was studying the pressure exerted by gaseous molecules but Wendy insisted that appropriate inside studying was based on books, not balls.

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